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Wrestling News and Rumors September 2020


9/19 in wrestling history -


Mobile, Alabama:

- The Great Malenko defeated Herb Welch to win the NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Title


Atlanta, Georgia:

- Joe Scarpa (aka Chief Jay Strongbow) defeated Paul DeMarco to win the NWA Georgia Heavyweight Title


St. Louis, Missouri:

- Dick the Bruiser beat Missouri Champion Harley Race in a non-title Texas Death match

- Rocky Johnson and Jerry Oates defeated Jim and John Valiant 

- Pat O’Connor draw Dick Murdoch

- Red Bastien defeated Chuck O’Connor via DQ

- Stan Stasiak defeated Ronnie Etchison

- Bobby Heenan and Tank Patton defeated Prince Tapu and Don Wayt


Shreveport, Louisiana:

- The Grappler defeated Ted DiBiase to win the Mid-South North American Heavyweight Title


Landover, Maryland:

- WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated George Steele in a Texas Death match at the Capital Center


Charlotte, North Carolina:

- Jos LeDuc defeated Jimmy Valiant to win the NWA Mid-Atlantic Television Title


Baltimore, Maryland:

- NWA Champion Ric Flair beat Magnum TA

- Rock & Roll Express beat Ivan Koloff & Krusher Khrushchev by dq

- Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff went to a draw

- Larry Zbyszko & Nick Bockwinkel beat Sgt. Slaughter & Greg Gagne by dq

- Ronnie Garvin and Black Bart went to a no contest

- Brad Rheingans beat Kevin Kelly

Wally Karbo Tribute Card | Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:

- AWA Champion Rick Martel beat Boris Zhukov by dq

- Jerry Blackwell beat Michael Hayes

- Tom Zenk & Curt Hennig beat Bill Irwin & Scott Irwin

- Jim Garvin beat Buck Zumhofe

- Baron Von Raschke beat Buddy Roberts


Fukuoka, Japan: a

- Shiro Koshinaka defeated Nobuhiko Takada for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title 

Ponce, Puerto Rico:

- Ron Starr defeated Invader I to win the WWC Television champion

Minneapolis, Minnesota:

- NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Ron Garvin defeated JJ Dillon

- Baron Von Raschke defeated Jimmy Garvin via disqualification

- Arn Anderson defeated Jimmy Valiant

- Dick Murdoch defeated Shaska Whatley

- Tully Blanchard defeated Magnum TA via disqualification

- NWA Tag Team Champions Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson defeated Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey

- NWA World Champion Ric Flair defeated NWA TV Champion Dusty Rhodes via disqualification

- The Road Warriors & Paul Ellering defeated NWA US Champion Nikita Koloff, Ivan Koloff, & Krusher Kruschev


Memphis, Tennessee:

- AWA Champion Jerry Lawler and Kerry Von Erich went to a double DQ

- Samoan Swat Team beat Michael Hayes & Steve Cox to regain the Texas Tag titles

- Brickhouse Brown & Jeff Jarrett & Bill Dundee beat Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden & Phil Hickerson

- AWA TV Champion Ronnie Garvin drew Robert Gibson

- AWA Tag Team Champions Badd Company Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond beat RPMs

- Rock & Roll Express & Sgt. Slaughter beat Soldat Ustinov & Teijo Kahn & Colonel DeBeers

- Tommy Rich and Jimmy Valiant went to a double DQ

- AWA Women's Champion Madusa Meceli beat Magnificent Mimi by dq


Nashville, Tennessee:

- Big Josh & Tracy Smothers defeated the Diamond Studd & Oz

- Richard Morton fought Brian Pillman to a draw

- Bobby Eaton defeated Johnny B. Badd via disqualification 

- Dustin Rhodes pinned Terrance Taylor

- Todd Champion & Firebreaker Chip defeated Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin

- PN News pinned Thomas Rich

- WCW Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyzsko fought Rick Steiner & Bill Kazmaier to a double countout

- WCW World Champion Lex Luger pinned Barry Windham


Johnson City, Tennessee:

- Mike Sampson pinned Pat Rose

- Tim Horner pinned Joe Cazana

- SMW Champ The Dirty White Boy pinned Dixie Dynamite

- Brian Lee beat Killer Kyle via DQ

- SMW Tag Champs The Heavenly Bodies (Lane & Pritchard) beat The Fantastics (Fultons) 

- The Rock-n-Roll Express beat Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden in a stretcher match

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

- Erik Watts defeated Mark Canterbury

- Van Hammer defeated Diamond Dallas Page

- Barry Windham defeated the Barbarian

- Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Greg Valentine & Dick Slater

- WCW TV Champion Ricky Steamboat defeated the Super Invader

- Dustin Rhodes defeated Vinnie Vegas

- Sting & Nikita Koloff defeated Jake Roberts & WCW US Champion Rick Rude

- WCW/NWA Tag Team Champions Steve Williams & Terry Gordy defeated Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton 

- WCW World Champion Ron Simmons defeated Steve Austin

Yokohama, Japan:

- Atsushi Onita defeated Tiger Jeet Singh for the WWA World Martial Arts Heavyweight Title 


WCW Fall Brawl | Houston, Texas:

- Erik Watts defeated Bobby Eaton 

- Lord Steven Regal (w/ Sir William) pinned WCW TV Champion Ricky Steamboat to win the title

- Charlie Norris pinned Big Sky 

- 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell defeated Paul Orndorff & the Equalizer

- Ice Train pinned Shanghai Pierce (w/ Tex Slazenger)

- The Nasty Boys (w/ Missy Hyatt) defeated WCW Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson & Paul Roma to win the titles 

- Cactus Jack pinned Yoshi Kwan (w/ Harley Race) 

- Rick Rude defeated Ric Flair to win the WCW International World Heavyweight Title 

- Sting, Davey Boy Smith, Dustin Rhodes & The Shockmaster defeated Sid Vicious, Vader & Harlem Heat in a War Games match


Cookville, Tennessee:

- Lance Storm pinned Killer Kyle

- Chris Candido pinned Brian Lee

- SMW Champ The Dirty White Boy beat Bruiser Bedlam via DQ

- SMW Tag Champs The Rock-n-Roll Express beat The Gangstas

- Brian Lee won a battle royal


ECW Anarchy Rulz | Villa Park, Illinois:

- Danny Doring and Roadkill (with Miss Congeniality) defeated Billy Wiles and C.W. Anderson Tag team match

- Lance Storm (with Dawn Marie) defeated Jerry Lynn

- Jazz defeated Tom Marquez (with Simon Diamond) by disqualification

- Chris Chetti and Nova fought Simon Diamond and Tony DeVito to a no-contest

- Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated Super Crazy and Little Guido (with Sal E. Graziano)

- Justin Credible (with Jason) defeated Sabu (with Bill Alfonso)

- Mike Awesome (with Judge Jeff Jones) defeated Masato Tanaka and Taz in a Three-Way Dance to win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship

- Tommy Dreamer and Raven (with Francine) defeated Rhino and Steve Corino (with Jack Victory) to retain the ECW World Tag Team Championship

- Rob Van Dam (with Bill Alfonso) defeated Balls Mahoney to retain the ECW World Television Championship


Boston, Massachusetts:

- Nigel McGuiness defeated Roderick Strong to retain the ROH World Title

- Kevin Steen & El Generico defeated Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black to win the ROH World Tag Team Titles


WWE Night of Champions | Chicago, Illinois:

- John Morrison pinned Ted Dibiase Jr. 

- WWE IC Champion Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) pinned Kofi Kingston 

- Big Show pinned CM Punk 

- Daniel Bryan defeated WWE US Champion Miz (w/ Alex Riley) via submission to win the title 

- WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool pinned WWE Divas Champion Melina in a lumberjack unification match

- World Heavyweight Champion Kane pinned the Undertaker in a no holds barred match 

- Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre defeated WWE Tag Team Champions David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd (w/ Natalya Neidhart), Jimmy & Jey Uso (w/Tamina), Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov, and Evan Bourne & Mark Henry to win the titles in tag team turmoil match 

- Randy Orton defeated WWE World Champion Sheamus, John Cena, Chris Jericho, Edge, and Wade Barrett in an elimination match to win the title

Recent filings indicate that AEW registered a trademark for “Blood Brothers” on September 15h. This wasn’t done through their usual trademark attorney Michael Dockins as Heel By Nature reports that attorney Bradley M Stohry was responsible for the filing.

The filing explicitly says that “Blood Brothers” is set to be used for “wrestling exhibits and performances by professional wrestlers.” Other wording in the uses indicates that this very well could be some sort of match concept.

Dick Bourne loves Mid-Atlantic wrestling with a passion.

As a lifelong follower of the popular Crockett Promotions that oversaw some of the top wrestling in the country for decades, the affable Mount Airy, N.C., native has embraced a particular fascination around the classic title belts and the lineages associated with them.

Author of multiple books on the various championship belts that made their way through the Mid-Atlantic territory, Bourne set his sights on something a little different with his latest effort.

“Crown Jewel: The NWA World Championship 1959-1973” explores the sport’s most revered title.

Tyler Breeze has been on WWE TV since 2014 and across all brands, has continued to display a strong work ethic making him a sought-after commodity in WWE.

Speaking with Comic Book, Breeze commented on finally winning gold alongside Fandango in NXT and how they didn't have too many matches as a team prior to returning to NXT even though they were a popular act.

The recent passing of wrestler Johnny Kostas is yet another in a long string of wrestling deaths. Anyone wishing to remember Kostas’ career might turn to the Internet, but would be sorely disappointed. There is very little information on Kostas available online and what little there is requires some serious and time-consuming navigation.

Subscribers to Ring Around the Northwest — a monthly wrestling newsletter circulated in wrestling’s Pacific Northwest territory — are, however, provided with a detailed bio of Kostas and a moving reflection of his career that began nearly sixty years ago.

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Legendary Manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan Passes Away

Bobby Heenan Died

The wrestling world has lost not only a legendary figure, but arguably the greatest wrestling manager of all time in Bobby "The Brain" Heenan who has passed away at the age of 73. 

For anyone that was a wrestling fan in the 80s or 90s, you definitely know how big of a role Bobby Heenan played in numerous historic events and eras over the years. While Heenan began his career in the late 60s and was an established regional star by the 70s, Heenan became a household name in the 80s when he made the jump to WWE (then WWF) in 1984. Heenan immediately began a rivalry with Hulk Hogan by managing memorable Hogan opponents like Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy, Paul Orndorff, and of course Andre the Giant. Referring to "The Brain" as "The Weasel" was a staple if you were a fan in that era.

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Pro Wrestling Roundup Memorial Day 2017 Edition

Pro Wrestling Roundup would like to wish all of our readers a happy Memorial Day. We haven't been blogging as much, but we post every day on our social medial channels - where we have over 15,000 followers and growing.

You can follow Pro Wrestling Roundup on Instagram, as well as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Let's check in on how some of the biggest names in wrestling are celebrating Memorial Day 2017 as only professional wrestlers can. Pro Wrestling Roundup Memorial Day 2017 Edition:

A post shared by Adam Scherr (@adamscherr99) on

Braun Stroman has a Happy Memorial Day message for you. Let's check in on some other pro wrestlers.

Charlotte Flair has a more traditional message, with thanks to the men and women in our military.

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It doesn't look like WWE has anything to say about Memorial Day on Instagram, but they have posted some birthdays. Pro Wrestling Roundup joins WWE in wishing a Happy Birthday to Hornswoggle and some other Superstars.

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Post-WrestleMania RAW Roundup: Kurt Angle New RAW GM, Finn Balor Returns, Hardys No Longer "Broken"

The biggest RAW episode of the year is in the books and of course there were major stories coming out of it as per every year, so I'm going to touch on the three biggest happenings from last night's RAW.

Kurt Angle WWE Return

Kurt Angle Named New RAW General Manager
Anyone that watched the broadcast of the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony this year likely felt that they didn't realize just how much WWE missed Kurt Angle until his speech; the entertainment, the legitimate accolades, the presence alone - Kurt Angle needed to be back in WWE and not for just one night, and now he is. 

It didn't take long for WWE to get Kurt Angle back in the mix as he was named new RAW GM, replacing Mick Foley who was "fired" last week and will be out recovering from hip surgery for the foreseeable future. Angle is obviously a great choice as he is a character that hasn't' been seen on WWE TV in years and can now interact with a whole new era of talent, as was already seen during RAW last night. Will it lead to a return to the ring for Kurt? Time (and WWE doctors) will tell.

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WrestleMania 33: Backstage News On The Hardys Returning, John Cena Proposes, The Undertaker Seemingly Retires

Pro Wrestling Roundup Wrestlemania 33 Edition

With WrestleMania 33 over, obviously there were a lot of big stories in pro wrestling over the past 24 hours. Read on for our picks for the top wrestling news for today:

Backstage News On The Hardys Returning At WrestleMania 33, Jeff Hardy's Health Going Into The Match

The Hardys sure made quite the return last night! Did you know that the new RAW Tag Team Champs did not show up for WrestleMania 33 until really late in the show? There were some rumors leading up to their appearance but no solid leaks until it actually happened. Read this article for more behind the scenes news from their appearance, as well as rumors and speculation about Jeff Hardy's health after Saturday's Ring of Honor match: